Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Interview with U-V-K

An interview with Kieran from the cyber & clubwear label U-V-K!

Q. So tell us who you are and a little about your company (name what you sell etc)
A- U-V-K is an all new label, based in the heart of the North East, We specailise in u-v reactive t-shirts and our saucy slogans and neon text has become instantly recognisable, The idea is based towards the clubbing / rave scene with science fiction influeneces. The label launched just over two years ago, starting out by attending local cyber theme nights such as 'Tech_Noir' in Newcastle. We became an instant hit for our outdoor promotions with 7 models in full neon gear, this was an in your face marketing strategy, recieving attention from local press. Since then we now boast 4 stockists throughout, 2 in the North East and 2 in Scotland, we now also are proud to announce a sponsership with the regions biggest hard dance night, Vice Club.

Q. Where abouts in the world are you based? Are you just online or do you have a shop?

We're based in the North East of England in my home town of South Shields & Newcastle. our web page can be found online @

Q. What made you start up U-V-K?

U-V-K (Ultra Violet Kieran) The idea is based on my own alter-ego, Just like a stage name. The idea came about whilist I was working as a freelance model, I started designing my own t-shirts to wear on photoshoots, Then deciding to make a business out of this. Also appearing on a hit BBC3 show helped raise awareness of the brand from here it all took off.

Q.What future plans do you have U-V-K? Any new products?

A - We're already onto our second range, however talks of a 3rd range are on-going, I have plans to introduce 3 characters, one being myself another a character used in our x-mas range 'pixel' and the third we may have to sit down and think of. Of course we do plan to move on from t-shirts perhaps into other rave accessories and clothing items.

Q. Do you have any advice for people looking into running there own company?

A- Starting up a company is hard work, dont get into if your just going to quit half way down the line, Build up a reputation, get out and meet people, thats what I did. Even if its just a few people who have heard of your label or product, its better than none, word will get around of your comapny. Also seek advice from buisiness advisors or goverment funded schemes there are plenty out there! Also remeber these are tough economic times, just hold on and dont give up.

You can check out the U-V-K website at

or on facebook just search U-V-K

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