Thursday, 29 July 2010

Interview - Lipstattoo

Dotted with Hearts were very honored to get to interview Rachel of Lipstatto!

Q. So tell us a little about you and your etsy store

Well I'm Rachel aka Lipstattoo ( so called because I have the rocky horror picture show lips tattooed on my stomach.) I have always been interested in art since I can remember and
as my love for all things horror it just seemed the sensible thing to merge the two loves and start creating the items that I myself would like you buy, but couldn't find. I have art degrees but it's more about learning on the job, finding what works and what doesn’t. My etsy store is just a reflection of all my loves, retro, horror, music and the macabre. it's just a bonus to me that people seem to really dig what I'm doing.

Q. Where in the world are you based?

I'm currently based in Wiltshire, which is near Stonehenge, but I actually hail from Slough in the south of England, you know, where the Uk comedy show The Office is based.

Q. What made you start creating horror inspired items?

It just came from a love of that genre of films and culture really, plus as I started to become more involved with the horror scene I was aware of how little horror themed accessories there were out there, so
it just seemed to make sense that I would start making my own. as I did people asked me where I got them or if I would make something for them and it just snowballed from there. I also make the official merchandise for the death rock and rollers
Devilish Presley which were received really well and got the Lipstattoo brand out to the very people I was trying to reach. Those guys really helped me out.

Q. You've had a great success with your 'human centipede' necklaces - what made you design this piece?

It was actually just to satisfy my childish nature, I just thought it would be funny, then I tweeted the picture ( on twitter as lipstattoo666 ) and the orders and requests just came pouring in. It's pretty much with thanks to a chap on twitter ( V_for_vienetta ) who showed the picture to Nick Frost of Shaun of the dead fame and he wanted one and then Rt'ed the link to my store and it just went mental, it's currently have 60,00 views, 37 hearts and I’ve actually lost count of how many I have sold. I was also really happy when I received a message from the head of the centipede Akihiro Kitamura who also praised my necklace as did the Human Centipede official UK twitter feed. I'm currently selling a full sequence necklace on my etsy ready for when the second film comes out!

Q. Have you always been into art and craft?
Always, more crafting than painting to start with, I would always get art materials for birthdays and Christmas and loved clays and poly clay to sculpt with, but as I got older and when to school and then college I focused more on my drawing and painting skills, so I now feel I'm a good at most artistic trades, but designing jewellery and painting portraits is what I think I'm best at, but I'm always open to trying and learning new skills.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?
Horror in any form, music, art, films, actors anything I feel I have a strong connection with is a catalyst for me to create. I'm currently getting back involved with the Rocky horror show and will be making bits of costumes and accessories for that.

Q. What do enjoy creating the most?
I Love painting portraits of people who interest or inspire me, and working with shrinkies as its so versatile.

Q. Do you have any new projects coming up?

Devilish Presley have a new album coming out so I will be working on a new range of merchandise for them, they have a new song called Horror movie head, which is conjuring up all kinds of wicked delights for me to get designing. I'm also hoping to trade at more craft shows. I'm also going to start a new range on my etsy store, but you'll just have to keep your eyes open for that =)

You can find Lipstatto on the following site

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  1. Cool interview with a very talented lady!