Saturday, 24 July 2010

Interview with Little Miss Delicious

A yummy interview with Little Miss Delicious!

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself and 'Little Miss Delicious'

Hi! I'm Maxine, and I single handedly run a business called Little Miss Delicious, selling handmade jewellery and accessories. When I'm not painting cakes and cutting out felt cookies, I'm studying hard towards a law degree at university (people always find it funny that I refer to my degree as my backup!). I love creativity and it shows in all aspects of my life. Crafting is a huge passion of mine, so most of my free time is spent making things or thinking about making things!

Q. Where in the world are you based?

I'm from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, but I live in London for university. They're such diverse places but I love them both!

Q. Have you always been into crafting? How did you get started?

I've been crafting since I was about 12 and couldn't find any bracelets I liked. It started with simply stringing beads together but then I found polymer clay and it was love at first sight! I started just by making things a few things for myself and friends, but it ended up getting put aside for a while due to studying for A levels. Once I got to university I realised that I missed having a creative release and dug out all my old supplies. Once my room in halls began to fill with little clay donuts and ice creams, a friend suggested that it might be time to start selling some of it! Once I set up an Etsy shop I had my first sale on the same day, and since then I've been able to attend various fairs around the country and open up my own online shop.

Q. What are your favourite pieces to make?

I really don't think I can pick a favourite. I just love taking a heap of clay or fabric and watching it become the item I've been picturing in my mind. It's great to have that level of freedom and it means all my work is exactly how I want it, so I guess they are all my favourites!

Q. What are your most popular items?

Currently the breakfast range of necklaces are really popular. I've been craving a full english breakfast for weeks now, so making them out of clay helped keep the cravings down. Well, for a while at least! I'm a completely useless cook, so whenever I tend to crave food it just ends up becoming jewellery instead; clay seems to be the only thing I don't set fire to!

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?

Everything! I can get inspired by the smallest things, like a colour combination I see or a pretty cake in a shop. Usually, as I said above, I tend to create whatever food I'm wanting at the time. Making the cookie themed jewellery was definitely the most fun; I couldn't get the colour right so obviously I HAD to buy 10 cookies in the name of "research". Yum.

Q. Do you have any new ideas or projects coming up?

I have lots of exciting ideas and plans coming up in the next few months, but you'll just have to wait and see!

Q. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

I'd love to have a proper shop with a candy strip pattern on the walls, frosting on the windows and a giant ice cream sculpture outside, but something tells me that may not happen within 5 years! In a less ideal world where I don't suddenly inherit vast amounts of money, I would just like to see myself as happy as I am now and still doing what I love.

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