Friday, 30 July 2010

Interview - Must Destroy Jewellery

Dotted With Hearts interview with Must Destroy Jewellery

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself and Must Destroy Jewellery.

I'm Clare and I run MustDestroyJewellery. The company is a one women affair and I run it alongside my full time job in a nursery.

All my time is spent working, although I sometimes take time off to cover myself in more tattoos!

Q. Where in the world are you based?

MustDestroyJewellery is a home run business, we're based in a little Essex town called Grays.

Q. What started your love of making unique jewellery?

I started making the jewellery after I got fed up with not being able to find anything I liked in shops - and when I could find something I liked it would cost an arm and a leg.

I decided to have a go myself and made a few bits for myself and for friends and family a gifts.

I started getting lots of requests for different designs and it then dawned on me to have a go at setting up an online shop....the rest is history!

Q. What are your favourite pieces to make? What materials do you most like to use?

My favourite pieces are the anchorsm I love that they can be personalised with a name or word of the customers choice - they look really simple and effective.
My favourite materials are acrylic and plastic - you can do more with them than you'd think!

Q. What are your most popular items?

My most popular items are the anchors - I think this is due to the ability to personalise them - it means the customer is getting something unique and special to them.

Q. Do you wear the jewelery/ accessories yourself?

I don't really wear much jewellery - which must sound really odd for someone that makes and sells it.
I pretty much just have the jewellery that I was pierced with in, my husband hates it as it means gift buying is a nightmare - no fallback gifts of jewellery!
I will occasionally make myself a hair clip to wear, my favourite is the skeleton hand clip I wore for my birthday this year.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?

I love the art work by Sailor Jerry and Vice Ray.

My late nan was also a huge inspiration,she was always offering praise and encouragement. She also paid for my first piercing so she's probably responsible for my obsession with piercings and tattoos etc

Q. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

I'd love to relocate to somewhere like Brighton and have a little shop by the sea....but if that doesn't happen then I'll be happy to still be plodding along with lots of happy customers.
You can find Must Destroy Jewelery on the following sites:

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Interview - Lipstattoo

Dotted with Hearts were very honored to get to interview Rachel of Lipstatto!

Q. So tell us a little about you and your etsy store

Well I'm Rachel aka Lipstattoo ( so called because I have the rocky horror picture show lips tattooed on my stomach.) I have always been interested in art since I can remember and
as my love for all things horror it just seemed the sensible thing to merge the two loves and start creating the items that I myself would like you buy, but couldn't find. I have art degrees but it's more about learning on the job, finding what works and what doesn’t. My etsy store is just a reflection of all my loves, retro, horror, music and the macabre. it's just a bonus to me that people seem to really dig what I'm doing.

Q. Where in the world are you based?

I'm currently based in Wiltshire, which is near Stonehenge, but I actually hail from Slough in the south of England, you know, where the Uk comedy show The Office is based.

Q. What made you start creating horror inspired items?

It just came from a love of that genre of films and culture really, plus as I started to become more involved with the horror scene I was aware of how little horror themed accessories there were out there, so
it just seemed to make sense that I would start making my own. as I did people asked me where I got them or if I would make something for them and it just snowballed from there. I also make the official merchandise for the death rock and rollers
Devilish Presley which were received really well and got the Lipstattoo brand out to the very people I was trying to reach. Those guys really helped me out.

Q. You've had a great success with your 'human centipede' necklaces - what made you design this piece?

It was actually just to satisfy my childish nature, I just thought it would be funny, then I tweeted the picture ( on twitter as lipstattoo666 ) and the orders and requests just came pouring in. It's pretty much with thanks to a chap on twitter ( V_for_vienetta ) who showed the picture to Nick Frost of Shaun of the dead fame and he wanted one and then Rt'ed the link to my store and it just went mental, it's currently have 60,00 views, 37 hearts and I’ve actually lost count of how many I have sold. I was also really happy when I received a message from the head of the centipede Akihiro Kitamura who also praised my necklace as did the Human Centipede official UK twitter feed. I'm currently selling a full sequence necklace on my etsy ready for when the second film comes out!

Q. Have you always been into art and craft?
Always, more crafting than painting to start with, I would always get art materials for birthdays and Christmas and loved clays and poly clay to sculpt with, but as I got older and when to school and then college I focused more on my drawing and painting skills, so I now feel I'm a good at most artistic trades, but designing jewellery and painting portraits is what I think I'm best at, but I'm always open to trying and learning new skills.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?
Horror in any form, music, art, films, actors anything I feel I have a strong connection with is a catalyst for me to create. I'm currently getting back involved with the Rocky horror show and will be making bits of costumes and accessories for that.

Q. What do enjoy creating the most?
I Love painting portraits of people who interest or inspire me, and working with shrinkies as its so versatile.

Q. Do you have any new projects coming up?

Devilish Presley have a new album coming out so I will be working on a new range of merchandise for them, they have a new song called Horror movie head, which is conjuring up all kinds of wicked delights for me to get designing. I'm also hoping to trade at more craft shows. I'm also going to start a new range on my etsy store, but you'll just have to keep your eyes open for that =)

You can find Lipstatto on the following site

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Interview - Raffles Bizarre

Interview with Raffles Bizarre

Q. What made you get into crafting?

I've tried my hand at most arty/crafty things, I love doing anything creaative, but when I began making jewellery 4 years ago I realised that was wht I love most. It started out as a hobby, and I used to make presents for friends, but now I love being able to sell it to complete strangers who love it too.

Q. What are your favourite pieces to make? What materials do you most like to use?

My favourite pieces are probably those compsed of lots of unusual chains, recycled jewellery and found objects. It's a very natural way of working, I never really have a design, I just see how things fit together.

I also like making pendants from my own illustrations, but a lot more time and effort goes into them so I don't get to make as many.

Q. What are your most popular items?

My plush zombie necklace and my anatomical heart necklace has probably been my most popular overall, but other than that there's no real trend, I sell a bit of everything. This is probably because I have such a diverse range of jewellery. There's something for everyone.

Q. Do you wear the jewelery/ accessories yourself?

I do, but not as much as I should. I try to remember to, and if I'm going out at night I do tend to, but day to day I don't like to wear a huge amount of jewellery. Sometimes a necklace or a ring, but I don't tend to wear bracelets because they get in the way while I work, and I have stretched ears so I don't wear earrings.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?

I couldn't pinpoint one thing or person, I draw inspiration from everything, and everyone, friends, colleagues, other crafters I have met or whose blogs I follow. I spend a lot of time flicking through fashion magazines and online so I draw inspiration from lots of different places.

Q. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

I would love to be doing my jewellery full time and be able to fully support myself from it, though I also work as a makeup artist and love the fashion and film industries so I would like to still be working in those aswell. I need to dabble with a bit of everything to keep myself satisfied so I'm sure even in 5 years I'll be working in several fields.

I'd love to expand my jewellery ranges and maybe take some courses so I can work in some other mediums and experiment with some other items such as clothing and bags.

I'd love to travel more and maybe work in different countries. I'm absolutely in love with New York City so maybe spend some time there and think about taking RB international.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Interview - Sacre Coeur

Dotted with Hearts got to interview the very talented Tea of Sacre Coeur!

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself and Sacre Coeur

Well, my name is Tea and I am an artist, designer, taxidermist and occasional model. I own and single-handedly run Sacré Coeur full-time from my home studio. Sacré Coeur was born from my inability to find the sort of accessories I wanted for myself either in the shops or online. What initially seemed like the perfect way to accessorise my own wardrobe soon became a business idea when people started showing an interest in my work with a view to buying it for themselves. So, it was officially created in 2006 and catered for contacts and friends offline originally while I studied for my degree... then in 2008 I launched it online and it has been going from strength to strength ever since!

Q. Where in the world are you based?

I am based in Hertfordshire, UK. Conveniently, I am only 25 minutes away from central London so that works rather well!

Q. What made you start creating jewelery & wearable art?

As I mentioned, I had difficulty finding the sorts of accessories I wanted for myself initially. I think a lot of designers would admit that this was a driving force behind their endeavours! I like to have something a bit different and I like to be able to accessorise my outfits according to my mood. Most of what I make is black so I'm not sure what that says about my and my mood really!! Basically, I wanted to bring something a bit different to the table and try my hand at new techniques that I wouldn't usually use in my art. I view my life as one big experiment really... I like to try new things and play with them until I find something that works. Most of the things I do that I am most passionate about are self-taught. So, to sum up, gaps in my wardrobe and my insatiable desire to learn are probably what started it all off!

Q. What are your favourite pieces to make?

It's hard to choose! I love sewing, so fabric and leather collars are my favourites out of all I think. I do love messing about with old watches though... I go into mad scientist mode when I've got loads of watches to play with, I can usually be found hunched over my desk with lamps and magnifiers, tweezers and clamps etc all over my desk, painstakingly dissecting tiny mechanisms and piecing them back together like some sort of little clockwork Frankenstein! Saying that, my cameo designs have been a labour of love for the last few months so I love making those too as it's so satisfying seeing my own hand carved designs translated into resin and applied to cute necklaces, rings and other bits and pieces!

Q. What are your most popular items?

To date I would say the most popular items were my pocket watch collage pendants. They sold out earlier this year and I am still on the lookout for suitable old timepieces with which to make a new run of them. The cameo stuff is catching up quick though!

Q. As detailed on your website, you trained as a taxidermist, what interested you in this subject?

Well, having always been fascinated by animals and nature, I was fixated by taxidermy from a very young age. I am lucky enough to live very close to Tring Zoological Museum which houses an enormous collection of specimens from the Victorian era onwards. I imagine it was probably something to do with the fact that I could get close enough to animals like lions, tigers, rhinos and weird and wonderful birds and fish to properly inspect their every last detail without it either running away or killing me! The fascination remained and when I was studying biology at uni, I decided to start learning. I found a master taxidermist in Wales who was willing to teach me, went and spent a few days with him and his wife and came back with enough of a foundation to continue teaching myself. I'm still very much a beginner now in my opinion... it'll take many many years of working consistently to even come close to matching some of the work I've seen over the years. It takes incredible skill and patience to realistically recreate a living creature.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?

My main inspirations are the natural world, history and, to an extent, the occult. Whereas the former two are quite evident in my work, I would say the latter inspires me very subtly, I think you'd be hard pressed to find any signs or symbols of occultism in any of my work to date... I draw mainly from the symbolism of certain animals and colours etc.

Q. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

Definitely still running Sacré Coeur full-time, earning a decent living from it and developing my skills in taxidermy further. My long term ambition is to eke out a career for myself as an artist/designer and continue along that path for the rest of my life.


Official Website:
Bigcartel Shop:
Etsy Shop:

Monday, 26 July 2010

Interview with Amanda Norman

Dotted with Hearts interviewed photographer -Amanda Norman

Q. Please tell us a little about you and your website

I love Gothic and horror photography, which can be seen on my website at
I’ve been described by those who don’t know me as morbid and a bloody weirdo for my love of photographing cemeteries and taking dark portraits, but I just find humanity amusing sometimes. Don’t you?
I have a passion for the ‘dark side of life’. I love to feed my thirst for knowledge and I don’t believe that anyone should stop learning things in life, especially those things that are unknown. I like how the unknown scares the mundane amongst us.
I love to do Tarot readings for friends and I have a strong interest in vampires, but I hate Twilight.

Q. Where in the world are you based?

I’m based in the land of the Cheshire cat in a town called Warrington, which is in the North West of England.

Q. What made you become a photographer?

I’m not a professional photographer yet, but I hope to be one day. I just love trying to capture the dark atmosphere of places I see.

Q. Your photography focus's on the Dark side of
things, has this always been your main focus?

It’s ALWAYS been my focus as I have a love of old Gothic Horror films like Hammer Horror that inspires my work. I’ve also witnessed true horror in my lifetime and perhaps that’s why I see things differently, but the challenge is getting the atmosphere right so that viewers of my photography can see it as well.

Q. Whats you favourite thing to photograph?

It has to be cemeteries as I could spend all day in some of these places, especially the old Victorian ones. It’s a shame, but as the years roll by and the stone work crumbles and there’s no living relatives left to pay for the upkeep of these grand tombs, we will lose these places and all that will remain is the odd cemetery and lots of photographs.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?

I love Simon Marsden’s photography and as I said earlier, other inspiration comes from watching Hammer Horror, Amicus and Universal Horror to name but a few.

Q. Do you have any future projects coming up or new additions to your shop?

I’m currently working on an exciting project at the moment with zombie portrait artist @ChrisZenga. He’s given me his ideas for the sketches he wants to do and I will take the photographs for him to work with.

In regards to additions to my shop, I’m always coming up with new prints at and there’s currently an offer on of a free button badge when purchasing a print.

All greeting cards, business cards and invitations that can be fully personalised can be found at my Zazzle store at

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Interview with Little Miss Delicious

A yummy interview with Little Miss Delicious!

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself and 'Little Miss Delicious'

Hi! I'm Maxine, and I single handedly run a business called Little Miss Delicious, selling handmade jewellery and accessories. When I'm not painting cakes and cutting out felt cookies, I'm studying hard towards a law degree at university (people always find it funny that I refer to my degree as my backup!). I love creativity and it shows in all aspects of my life. Crafting is a huge passion of mine, so most of my free time is spent making things or thinking about making things!

Q. Where in the world are you based?

I'm from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, but I live in London for university. They're such diverse places but I love them both!

Q. Have you always been into crafting? How did you get started?

I've been crafting since I was about 12 and couldn't find any bracelets I liked. It started with simply stringing beads together but then I found polymer clay and it was love at first sight! I started just by making things a few things for myself and friends, but it ended up getting put aside for a while due to studying for A levels. Once I got to university I realised that I missed having a creative release and dug out all my old supplies. Once my room in halls began to fill with little clay donuts and ice creams, a friend suggested that it might be time to start selling some of it! Once I set up an Etsy shop I had my first sale on the same day, and since then I've been able to attend various fairs around the country and open up my own online shop.

Q. What are your favourite pieces to make?

I really don't think I can pick a favourite. I just love taking a heap of clay or fabric and watching it become the item I've been picturing in my mind. It's great to have that level of freedom and it means all my work is exactly how I want it, so I guess they are all my favourites!

Q. What are your most popular items?

Currently the breakfast range of necklaces are really popular. I've been craving a full english breakfast for weeks now, so making them out of clay helped keep the cravings down. Well, for a while at least! I'm a completely useless cook, so whenever I tend to crave food it just ends up becoming jewellery instead; clay seems to be the only thing I don't set fire to!

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?

Everything! I can get inspired by the smallest things, like a colour combination I see or a pretty cake in a shop. Usually, as I said above, I tend to create whatever food I'm wanting at the time. Making the cookie themed jewellery was definitely the most fun; I couldn't get the colour right so obviously I HAD to buy 10 cookies in the name of "research". Yum.

Q. Do you have any new ideas or projects coming up?

I have lots of exciting ideas and plans coming up in the next few months, but you'll just have to wait and see!

Q. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

I'd love to have a proper shop with a candy strip pattern on the walls, frosting on the windows and a giant ice cream sculpture outside, but something tells me that may not happen within 5 years! In a less ideal world where I don't suddenly inherit vast amounts of money, I would just like to see myself as happy as I am now and still doing what I love.

You can find Little Miss Delicious on the following sites

Friday, 23 July 2010

Interview with Pirate Photography

Dotted with Hearts got the chance to interview Kitten from Pirate Photography!

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself and ' Pirate Photography'

I’m Kitten, and Pirate Photography is my alternative photography. My passions are photography, Hello Kitty, country music, my cats and writing. I’m 22 and I live with my partner in a very nerdy flat full of DVDs and figurines. I photograph women almost exclusively, and shoot fashion, fetish, conceptual and artistic nudes.

Q. Where in the world are you based?

I’m currently based in Norwich, Norfolk in England. I was previously based in Grimsby, Lincolnshire but moved to Norwich about a year ago.

Q. How did you get into photography?

I’ve always taken photos for fun, and when I started my English Literature degree I was spending a lot of time on my own as I can be quite shy, so I took more and more photos, my parents bought me a Fujifilm finepix S9600 which is a compact SLR camera and it all spiralled from there! Now I’m obsessed hehe

Q. What do you look for in a model?

Something unusual, something striking, eyes that can show emotion. I’m not necessarily looking for a high fashion stick thin model, I’ve photographed everyone from agency signed fashion models to plus size heavily tattooed models, there just needs to be a little something that makes me want to take your photo. Currently I’m loving models with long naturally red hair and lots of freckles like Cintia Dicker, high cheekbones and gap teeth like Lara Stone, and then at the other extreme girls with tattoos on their necks and hands and bald models. I love really pale women and I hate fake tan! Other than that, I’m looking for models who aren’t afraid of having fun and being a bit daft on shoots, who aren’t scared of showing some skin and who want to try something different.

Q. Do you prefer studio or location shoots?

Location definitely, I’ve never even been in a studio! I’d love to get the opportunity to shoot with in a studio but I just don’t have the money to rent one so it won’t happen for a long time. I like juxtaposing and contrasting on location, fashion latex in grungy environments being a favourite of mine. The vast majority of what I shoot is on location or in and around where I live, and mostly shot with natural light.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?

As cheesy as it sounds, beauty. I aim to create beautiful images and show how beautiful the woman in the image is. My photographs aren’t always pretty in the typical way, but that isn’t always the aim, I want to show emotion and tell stories. There are photographers I admire, and models whose look gives me inspiration, country music inspires me to tell stories, and other art inspires me, a word or a phrase might give me an idea. I also have a Lensbaby that inspires me to no end, its such a creative and fun lens and I am always coming up with new ways to use it.

Q. Do you have any new ideas or projects coming up?

I’m working on a project at the moment called ‘Sleep’, I’ve only done one shoot at the moment for it as I’m planning locations and models before I really reveal more of the details. I’m trying to get more into shoot more experimental work, and telling more stories as over the last couple of years I’ve shot a lot of pretty pictures but I want to show more emotion instead. I’m also hoping to move into erotica (not porn might I add) and combine the new styles with that.

Q. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

In an ideal world, I’ve love for me and my partner to be living in the US, him doing the job he is working for on his degree at the moment, and me shooting full time. However, in reality, who knows? I’ll probably still be stuck in England shooting around a day job. Photography is a tough world and I’m not daft, but a girl can dream!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Interview with Mafalda - Sailorettes Love Rock 'n Roll blog

We are very happy to have an interview with another blogger -

Mafalda writer of 'Sailourettes Love Rock 'n Roll' blog!

Q. So tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog

My name is Mafalda and I'm 21, one year away from graduating from Portuguese & English Language, Literature and Culture undergraduate course. I created Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll just two months ago (17th of May!) and it has a bit of all the things I love, being directed to a young and restless alternative & vintage audience who loves the past but lives towards the future. I update it 2-3 times a week with either sporadic art, party, travel features and giveaways or weekly spotlight interviews to cater to a more diverse audience and keep my followers interested!

Q. Where in the world are you based?

I live in Lisbon, Portugal for the school year, and stay with my family in the Algarve on my holidays providing me the chance to write about different places. I'm currently in London, for academic reasons so it's yet another place to write on!

Q. What made you start your blog?

After a great friend created her portuguese blog on retro & vintage lifestyles ( which she unfortunately doesn't have the oportunity to update as much as I do mine I thought why not? It was only a heartbeat away and I had nothing to lose, only to gain - experience, better writing, new acquaintances. It has had an astonishing success so far, so I am very pleased and thankful!

Q. What has been your favourite piece to feature so far?

Hard question! I love all the businesses I feature (otherwise wouldn't) and they are all so unique in their own way that I'm at a loss trying to pick... I can say that my first feature, on Little Miss Delicious' was a very special one since she was the first to believe in me and the blog enough to contribute at the time and is even donating a strawberry necklace for me to give away when I reach 500 Twitter followers (I'm still on the 100s mark so you can still begin to follow and who knows win it?)

Q. How do people/shops get featured on your blog?
I am actually quite open to suggestions as to features! I have proposed them to many of my favourite shops and people but some of them have found me and initiated contact so it works both ways. If you'd like to be featured, all you need to do is email me at and, case I think you fit the website's standard and theme, I'll forward you the questions and necessary information.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?

My first and foremost inspiration into starting any project and pursuing my dreams are my parents, who have always showed me I can reach any goal through hard work and self-confidence. In blogging, I can quote Kat from, Jessica from and Gemma from - they are all great ladies who have become landmarks in their blogging niche and whom I admire for their hard work, writing quality, creativity and all around awesomeness!

Q. Do you have any upcoming plans or features for your blog?

Yes, actually I am already working on partnerships to create accessories and maybe even limited clothing items based on my image and branding, as well as blog parties and events so as long as is online it will never be paid, but there will always be alternative ways to provide offline experiences and products. If I am able to make a living off it someday, I can only say I'd be absolutely delighted to although it's not the primary reason I'm developing the project for - I'm just trying to fill in a gap I myself found as a reader!

You can find 'Sailorettes Love Rock 'n Roll'

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Interview with Vicki Death

Dotted with hearts was lucky enough to interview the amazing horror artist - Vicki Death!

Q. Tell us a little about you and your etsy shop.

I’m an independent artist based in the North West of England. My Etsy store is aimed at selling original horror and tattoo inspired art for affordable prices. I’ve sold art on and off over the years through various means, but finally opened my Etsy store in Novemeber last year. You can also find various other items featuring my art at my store, including; bookmarks, jewellery boxes, ceramic items, greeting cards and gift tags.

Q. Where in the world are you based?

I’m currently based in Warrington, UK. You can find my online store here:

Q. What made you get into painting? Have you always painted horror themes?

I’ve been painting for as far back as I can remember. As soon as I was able to grasp a crayon I was scribbling and doodling. It evolved from there. I’ve always found art my way to express myself, vent anger and as a means of relaxation. It’s like my therapy. My favourite cartoons as a child was Count Duckula and The Real Ghostbusters, so I was always drawing vampires and ghosts as a kid. My grandmother would always let me watch classic horror films at her place, which led me to drawing the characters from them also.

Q. What do you enjoy creating/painting most?
It depends what mood I’m in. Some days I’ll be wanting to draw a monster, the next it’ll be a classic pin-up girl. I always have fun creating zombies, there are just so many ways you can paint them, and they’re also a great subject to use for experimenting art techniques.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?
I have a variety of inspiration, mainly classic and b-movie horror, traditional western tattoos, pin-up and hotrod art as well as the music I listen to; Horrorpunk, rock‘n’roll, psychobilly and punk bands. And not forgetting the artists who I adore. Tattoo artists such as Allan Graves, Jeff Rassier, Bob Tyrrell and Dan Smith. Plus Lowbrow artists including Vince Ray, Johnny Ace/Kali Verra and KRNPX. The list in endless.

Q. Do you have any plans or new projects coming up?

After many inquiries and requests, I’m hoping to get some prints made by the end of the year. As well, as starting to plan a project to release an art book. I’m also hoping to getting some of my work shown in galleries too!

You can find Vicki Death on the following sites:




Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Interview with U-V-K

An interview with Kieran from the cyber & clubwear label U-V-K!

Q. So tell us who you are and a little about your company (name what you sell etc)
A- U-V-K is an all new label, based in the heart of the North East, We specailise in u-v reactive t-shirts and our saucy slogans and neon text has become instantly recognisable, The idea is based towards the clubbing / rave scene with science fiction influeneces. The label launched just over two years ago, starting out by attending local cyber theme nights such as 'Tech_Noir' in Newcastle. We became an instant hit for our outdoor promotions with 7 models in full neon gear, this was an in your face marketing strategy, recieving attention from local press. Since then we now boast 4 stockists throughout, 2 in the North East and 2 in Scotland, we now also are proud to announce a sponsership with the regions biggest hard dance night, Vice Club.

Q. Where abouts in the world are you based? Are you just online or do you have a shop?

We're based in the North East of England in my home town of South Shields & Newcastle. our web page can be found online @

Q. What made you start up U-V-K?

U-V-K (Ultra Violet Kieran) The idea is based on my own alter-ego, Just like a stage name. The idea came about whilist I was working as a freelance model, I started designing my own t-shirts to wear on photoshoots, Then deciding to make a business out of this. Also appearing on a hit BBC3 show helped raise awareness of the brand from here it all took off.

Q.What future plans do you have U-V-K? Any new products?

A - We're already onto our second range, however talks of a 3rd range are on-going, I have plans to introduce 3 characters, one being myself another a character used in our x-mas range 'pixel' and the third we may have to sit down and think of. Of course we do plan to move on from t-shirts perhaps into other rave accessories and clothing items.

Q. Do you have any advice for people looking into running there own company?

A- Starting up a company is hard work, dont get into if your just going to quit half way down the line, Build up a reputation, get out and meet people, thats what I did. Even if its just a few people who have heard of your label or product, its better than none, word will get around of your comapny. Also seek advice from buisiness advisors or goverment funded schemes there are plenty out there! Also remeber these are tough economic times, just hold on and dont give up.

You can check out the U-V-K website at

or on facebook just search U-V-K

Interview with artist Miranda Adria

Dotted with Hearts were lucky enough to interview the very talented artist - Miranda Adria

Q. So tell us who you are and a little about your business:

A. My artist alias is Miranda Adria, and it’s a name I’ve been using for nearly 9 years. I work as both a professional photographer and graphic designer for Statements2000, an abstract metal art studio, and I freelance as a digital artist.

Q. Where in the world are you based?

I’m located in a little town called Jupiter, FL. It’s literally a 25 minute drive from one end of the town to the other. Haha.

Q. What made you want to start digital artistry?
When I was born, my brothers were already 16 and 18 and very much children of the 80s’ era. They loved playing video games, especially on the Atari. By the time I was 5 or 6, I was playing on the Atari with them. That started up my love for video games and computer animation. As I grew older, I gravitated more towards 2D digital art rather than 3D digital art.

Q. What do you enjoy doing most? and why?

Most definitely, photomanipulation; it’s been my passion since I was 15 or 16. What truly fascinates me about photomanipulation is the idea that you can combine 2, 10, or 100 photos and either create a world of fantasy or create a scene of hyper-reality. I personally enjoy making works that fool the viewer into believing it could actually be a real photograph. I’ve often been told that my photomanips look like scenes out of a movie, which, to me, is an incredible compliment.

Q. What or who is you inspiration?

Music is one of my biggest inspirations. Nearly all of my works are inspired by songs and lyrics, and I often quote the lyrics that have inspired a song in the descriptions of my works. Life is also a very big inspiration, but at the same time, life and music are very closely intertwined for me. Certain songs, albums, and/or lyrics are bookmarks in my life, and the imagery they produce in my head is normally what I try to reproduce in my head.

Q. Do you have any future plans or new projects in line for your site?

I’m hoping to build my own one-woman graphics company. I’m slowly building up a reputation, and making sure to showcase my art whenever possible. One never knows when a great opportunity will come along, so I want to be sure that I have tried every avenue to bring it closer to me. I don’t really have many plans for my website, but I do intend to add more collaborative works in the future.

You can find Miranda's art work at the following sites:

All images used copyrighter to Miranda Adria. Top left 'Bad Romance', Middle right 'Papillio Infernale', bottom center 'Juke Joint Jezebel'.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

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