Monday, 26 July 2010

Interview with Amanda Norman

Dotted with Hearts interviewed photographer -Amanda Norman

Q. Please tell us a little about you and your website

I love Gothic and horror photography, which can be seen on my website at
I’ve been described by those who don’t know me as morbid and a bloody weirdo for my love of photographing cemeteries and taking dark portraits, but I just find humanity amusing sometimes. Don’t you?
I have a passion for the ‘dark side of life’. I love to feed my thirst for knowledge and I don’t believe that anyone should stop learning things in life, especially those things that are unknown. I like how the unknown scares the mundane amongst us.
I love to do Tarot readings for friends and I have a strong interest in vampires, but I hate Twilight.

Q. Where in the world are you based?

I’m based in the land of the Cheshire cat in a town called Warrington, which is in the North West of England.

Q. What made you become a photographer?

I’m not a professional photographer yet, but I hope to be one day. I just love trying to capture the dark atmosphere of places I see.

Q. Your photography focus's on the Dark side of
things, has this always been your main focus?

It’s ALWAYS been my focus as I have a love of old Gothic Horror films like Hammer Horror that inspires my work. I’ve also witnessed true horror in my lifetime and perhaps that’s why I see things differently, but the challenge is getting the atmosphere right so that viewers of my photography can see it as well.

Q. Whats you favourite thing to photograph?

It has to be cemeteries as I could spend all day in some of these places, especially the old Victorian ones. It’s a shame, but as the years roll by and the stone work crumbles and there’s no living relatives left to pay for the upkeep of these grand tombs, we will lose these places and all that will remain is the odd cemetery and lots of photographs.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?

I love Simon Marsden’s photography and as I said earlier, other inspiration comes from watching Hammer Horror, Amicus and Universal Horror to name but a few.

Q. Do you have any future projects coming up or new additions to your shop?

I’m currently working on an exciting project at the moment with zombie portrait artist @ChrisZenga. He’s given me his ideas for the sketches he wants to do and I will take the photographs for him to work with.

In regards to additions to my shop, I’m always coming up with new prints at and there’s currently an offer on of a free button badge when purchasing a print.

All greeting cards, business cards and invitations that can be fully personalised can be found at my Zazzle store at

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