Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Interview - Raffles Bizarre

Interview with Raffles Bizarre

Q. What made you get into crafting?

I've tried my hand at most arty/crafty things, I love doing anything creaative, but when I began making jewellery 4 years ago I realised that was wht I love most. It started out as a hobby, and I used to make presents for friends, but now I love being able to sell it to complete strangers who love it too.

Q. What are your favourite pieces to make? What materials do you most like to use?

My favourite pieces are probably those compsed of lots of unusual chains, recycled jewellery and found objects. It's a very natural way of working, I never really have a design, I just see how things fit together.

I also like making pendants from my own illustrations, but a lot more time and effort goes into them so I don't get to make as many.

Q. What are your most popular items?

My plush zombie necklace and my anatomical heart necklace has probably been my most popular overall, but other than that there's no real trend, I sell a bit of everything. This is probably because I have such a diverse range of jewellery. There's something for everyone.

Q. Do you wear the jewelery/ accessories yourself?

I do, but not as much as I should. I try to remember to, and if I'm going out at night I do tend to, but day to day I don't like to wear a huge amount of jewellery. Sometimes a necklace or a ring, but I don't tend to wear bracelets because they get in the way while I work, and I have stretched ears so I don't wear earrings.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?

I couldn't pinpoint one thing or person, I draw inspiration from everything, and everyone, friends, colleagues, other crafters I have met or whose blogs I follow. I spend a lot of time flicking through fashion magazines and online so I draw inspiration from lots of different places.

Q. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

I would love to be doing my jewellery full time and be able to fully support myself from it, though I also work as a makeup artist and love the fashion and film industries so I would like to still be working in those aswell. I need to dabble with a bit of everything to keep myself satisfied so I'm sure even in 5 years I'll be working in several fields.

I'd love to expand my jewellery ranges and maybe take some courses so I can work in some other mediums and experiment with some other items such as clothing and bags.

I'd love to travel more and maybe work in different countries. I'm absolutely in love with New York City so maybe spend some time there and think about taking RB international.

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