Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Interview - Embroidery Emporium

Interview with Vicki of Embroidery Emporium!

Q. So tell us a bit about yourself and Embroidery Emporium

OK, well I'm Vicki! I recently graduated in music but sewing it seems, has taken over my life :) I got taught how to cross stitch when I was about 7 or 8 and have always enjoyed making things by hand. I've been making cross stitched cards for friends and family for several years now and really love creating that perfect card for a special occasion. It's only really been since I finished University and regained some free time that I have started trying to advertise the things I make more on the Internet and start selling custom made items. As well as cross stitching cards and gifts I have also started making embroidered felt key rings, which are great fun to do!! The other part of Embroidery Emporium is historical embroidery. I have recently started to become more and more involved with historical re-enactment, and spend a lot of time making recreations of historical embroidery, such as black work as part of various different costumes.

Q. What made you get into crafting and embroidery?

Hmm I've always loved making things and sewing is something that I enjoy doing. I've always hated hunting around the shops for the right card or gifts for people so started making more and more things myself. It's a great feeling when you give someone a card or present that has been totally handmade and seeing how much they love and appreciate what you have given them.

Q. What are your favourite things to embroider?

Hehe all of it!! I love making the cards. Most of them are quite quick and easy to make, and I get to do so many fabulous little designs which I know the person receiving will love! I love making the larger cross stitch gifts as well. I especially like working with the designs that are all a single block colour. So simple yet so effective. Blackwork is another favourite. Probably the most time consuming and tricky of the bunch as it involves so much fine detail, but seeing the end result is just amazing. And the fact that the blackwork is then worn by others as part of their historical costumes is just great to see :) I love all of it really!!!

Q. What are your most popular items?

Cards. Definitely the cards. I never seem to stop making them, and always have several on the go all the time.

Q. Where can people purchase your crafts?

Currently only via my facebook page - Embroidery Emporium Sewing. But I am working on a website at the moment as well, which will hopefully be up and running soon :)

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?

I think I'd have to say my main inspiration for embroidery would have to be the paintings of Holbein. It amazes me that someone can paint with that much detail in their work, that even 400 years later people can still recreate Tudor embroidery from his paintings. Amazing stuff.
Also, I'd never really thought about putting my creations on the net before and trying to sell them, until I saw some of the amazing crafty ladies on facebook setting up shops, and it really inspired me to put the things I make out there with them :)

Q. Where would you like to see yourself in five years time?

Ah, um hopefully selling lots of things on my own website and making people happy with the things I create them :). I'd love to get a stall up and running and travel round craft fairs selling my items as well as that would just be brilliant! Ideally a shop full of my handmade goodies would just be fantastic :)

I can be found on facebook here -


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