Saturday, 11 September 2010

Interview -The Deity Chain

Dotted with Hearts interviewed the lovely Soo of The Deity Chain!

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself and The Deity Chain
A: My name is Soo, and i am a 44 year old mother of 3. I've always been what you could describe as 'arty'. and i just love making things! whether that be a piece of jewellery, a painting, or as i have done more recently, a bag!
I founded The DeityChain in 2008 and it consists of me and my children..well, when i say children, my boys are men now, lol! They help in lots of ways, with the packaging, marketing, etc...and making me lots of cups of coffee when i am busy making orders!
My daughter is incredibly talented: watch out for some of her work appearing in the 'art' section of The DeityChain website! :)

Q. Where in the world are you based?

A: I am based in the North-West of England, near Manchester.

Q.What made you start making jewellery?

A: about 5 years ago i started making my own cards to send to friends and family: i used to attach little charms and pieces of jewellery to them, and after lots of suggestions to sell them, i started doing just that! craft fairs, car boots, etc.... then in 2008 i started The DeityChain: by this point i had already started to make jewellery which was selling faster than the cards(!), and i built a website which i have just recently updated as i thought the old site was looking a bit tired and jaded!

Q. What are your most popular pieces?

A: My bag charms are very popular, understandably(!!), the faerie necklaces and wraparound bracelets have always sold well and the little heart boxes i have just introduced seem to be going down well too!

Q. Do you wear the jewellery you make yourself?
A: of course! promote, promote, promote, lol! ...but seriously, yes, the great thing about being able to make it yourself is you can make exactly what you really like, and change it as often as you like! I also always, always have my bag charms and fabric hearts attached to my handbag.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?

A: well now, that is an easy one! F-A-E-R-I-E-S! yeah, i know, I'm a middle-aged woman who is STILL hung up on faeries, but what can i say? i love them! ...i just love the whole romance of them, the idea that they are watching, protecting and causing mischief....yeah, faeries definitely... .....and hearts .....and flowers.... I'm just an old romantic at heart! :)

Q. Where would you like to see yourself in five years time?

A: gosh...well....i would love love LOVE to be running The DeityChain as a full-time business.
i am certainly happiest fiddling about making pieces of jewellery or painting..
My dream is for The DeityChain to be a recognised name..... a label... something people would know just by looking at it...that would be great!

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