Monday, 16 August 2010

Interview - Uma Jewellery

Dotted with Hearts Interview with 'elegantly funky'
Uma Jewellery

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself and Uma Jewellery

I'm third culture gal, Thai by blood with a mix of this and that. I lived in Chicago, Melbourne, now Bangkok, and I'm sure there will be more cities in the future! ;) My Jewelry line is named after my mom 'Uma.' We design the pieces together, so its a mother daughter collaboration. My mothers style is more elegant, where mine is more funky. therefore I like describe Uma Jewelry as 'Elegantly Funky' Our pieces are unique, bold, and give a statement. We want to make ladies of all ages feel more beautiful and confident with our pieces. It gives off a lot of energy!

Q. Where in the world are you based?

Right now I'm based in Bangkok, Thailand! I plan on going to Canada or back to Australia in the next year or two!

Q. What made you get into making jewellery?

My mother originally was a full time jeweler. She stopped after she got sick. Now that shes all better, i thought why not start design and making pieces with her again. Art has always been in my heart, and I love to make pretty shinny things! Ladies love that!

Q. What are your favourite pieces to make? What materials do you most like to use?

i love making necklaces! They are more striking then earrings or bracelets. I love to use colorful stones. I've now discovered crystals which I also love!

Q. What are your most popular items?

My necklace called the 'twist' is the most popular selling one now!

Q. Do you wear the jewelery/ accessories yourself?

Definitely! Gotta promote promote! Plus it always funks up an outfit!

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?

People, places, food, anything really!

Q. Do you have any new projects coming up?

Yep, we will be teaching Jewelry making in Bangkok soon, so I'm very excited bout that!

Q. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

I successful Jeweler and Photographer. Also I'm gonna get my yoga teaching certificate and teach Yoga as well!

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