Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Interview - Miss Genki

Interview with the lovely Tanaz of Miss Genki!

Q. Please tell us a little about your self and Miss Genki:/Q. What made you start making jewellery?

My name is Tanaz and my life has always lacked creative energy. I have been learning jewellery making and always know trends. I just Love it. It just never occurred to me to actually start my own Jewellery so I did. I just think you should follow your heart and just do what makes you happy. OK here is a little more about me: I lived half my life in Iran, the other half in Cardiff Wales. Then one day I realised how I needed more and I should experience one other culture. I have always had a love for Japan. But I was too scared to go alone, in the end I believe Japan chose me as the job as an English teacher came my way and before I knew it I was in training and getting ready. The second I got on the plane it hit me I was going to Japan and it was scary, but mostly exciting. It was the best think i ever did. Took the chance to the pursuit of happiness and I know myself much more because of it. It was there that I discovered my love for Japanese fashion and there the seed of the idea for Miss Genki was planted.

Miss Genki is based on the wacky, fun, cute and uniqueness of Japanese fashion. It was so inspiring to see people dress in what made them happy and it was all so much fun. I felt free. So I wanted to share that with others. As well as wanting my ideas and my creativity to be seen. For the first time in my life I was doing things based on what made ME happy and not all the things I was always meant to be. I feel free and happy when I am buying new items looking for new idea and just everything to do with Miss Genki. This is why I named it Miss Genki, which reflects all this. Genki means happy, joyful, being OK and the word Genki itself is the exact way I felt. I truly know what Genki means now and before Japan I was never truly happy. So you could say I have finally found myself and let myself feel the good things in life. Life is too short and what counts is how happy you are and seeing all the good you are blessed with not concentrating on the bad or things you are not give.

Q. Where in the world are you based?
I live in Cardiff, Wales.

Q. What are your favourite pieces to make?
My favourite pieces at the moment are Owls and recently have elephant necklaces too. I don't know why but absolutely love Owls, they are just so pretty. I also love "Love" necklaces and earrings. Anything that's romantic based, even red lips (which I have recently got). Oh the romantic stuff does not at all reflect my own life. I just think Loving yourself first before anyone else is most important. There are a lot I don't like about myself, but think as women we are too quick to judge ourselves. I do it all the time myself mainly how i have gained weight or how i want to be back to my smaller size. I just like to have something that reminds me of who I am and that I like myself regardless of all the other things I think I should be. Its a nice feeling.

Q. What are your best sellers?
I think the owl necklaces have been most popular and the camera. I guess because they are different and they are things you can't find most places. Most of my items are quite popular as they are all quite unique.

Q. Do you wear your jewellery yourself?
Yes. I buy what I like. My favourite pieces at the moment are Owl and elephants. I absolutely love owls not sure why as they do seem creepy, but in jewellery I like their roundness and big eyes.
I have this one owl that I adore and don't wanna part with it. I know the whole idea is to sell it but I just love most things so always have an extra for myself because once I don't I remember how pretty it was and wish I had one for me, lol.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration?
My main inspiration is Tokyo's fashion scene. I just notice everyday things and as I buy from all kinds of places, I just go through pictures and buy what I like. I just think what would I like to wear to make me happy or put a smile on my face. I love pearls, but also like anything funky and fun. I just think fashion should be fun. As we grow up we just seem to forget how to have fun, so we have to do so in most things we do. In what we wear (I don't mean looking silly, just to dress for ourselves), what we do and surround ourselves with good vibes.

Q. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?
This is more of of a fantasy, but my big dream would be for Miss Genki to be a brand and to sell in big shops under my own name. Then as my biggest inspiration has been Tokyo would like to have a little boutique either in Harajuku (which has the funkiest boutiques) or in the most famous department store in Shibuya called 109. These were places I would shop at and I think if I ever make it that far, I know I have done something very right. As for me I see myself in 5years making/selling jewellery as a full-time career and being more creative with my life. Hopefully also have time to take breaks and not be how I am now which is work full time and Miss Genki in all the free time I get.

You can find Miss. Genki on Facebook
And http://www.missgenki.com/ will be coming soon!

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